Monday, February 23, 2009

30 Healthy Snack Idea's for you and your family~

  1. popcorn~use a hot air popper and sprinkle with sea salt and organic butter
  2. ginger snaps with hot tea ( we like chamomile & green)
  3. nature valley granola bars
  4. Cliff bars, (organic) I use before workouts for energy
  5. veggie chips
  6. Kashi bars
  7. raisins and pretzels
  8. low fat graham crackers
  9. string cheese sticks~ low fat (hormone free) and apple slices or grapes
  10. low fat yogurt ( can add berries and/or granola)
  11. organic blue corn chips with salsa
  12. pomegranate applesauce
  13. fruits of all kinds
  14. apple slices with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter
  15. 10 almonds & 1/2  banana
  16. raw carrots and sugar snap pea pods
  17. celery with peanut butter spread on top
  18. sherbet with ( light) fruit cocktail on top
  19. low fat vanilla frozen yogurt with blackberries and strawberries on top
  20. small bowl of high fiber cereal or oatmeal
  21. cottage cheese and fruit ( 1/2 cup is only 50 calories and high in protein)
  22. mini whole wheat bagels with peanut butter or apple butter
  23. Advocare Vanilla Meal Replacement shake with fresh or frozen fruit blended in
  24. Kashi roasted vegetable crackers with "the laughing cow"cheese and grapes
  25. NAKED- Green Machine energy drink, loaded with fruits & veggies
  26. sliced apples( MacIntosh when in season) dipped in LightHouse Yogurt fruit dip and Sargento cheese cubes.
  27. Archer Farms Sunny Cranberry mix with fresh rasberries and or blackberries, Sargento cheese cubes optional.
  28. Oregon Chai Tea with Low fat organic milk or Soy milk. Only 90 calories!
  29. Advocare Spark for mental focus & Energy. Favorite flavors;Fruit Punch, Orange Mandarin, Pink lemonade.
  30. Pumpkin Seeds

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What's Going On... said...

This is great! Thanks! : ) I thinkg I'm gonna make those quesadillas tomorrow too! Yummy!